Up Over 1000% Since 2010 – One Of My Favorite Market Crushing Stocks

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A lot of people like to ask me for hot stock tips. They want to know about some obscure stock that may go to the moon in the next year. I tell them I am not a “hot stock tip” guy. They then press me and ask for a stock tip and I tell them that one of my favorite buy and hold companies is Sherwin Williams. It’s at this point I see the disappointment on their face.

They are let down at such a boring suggestion. They most likely think to themselves …”well duh… Sherwin Williams is obviously a good company”. They also are thinking that there is not much room for growth in such a large dominant company.

The truth is that I have made a small fortune off of owning Sherwin Williams and I have no intent on selling it.

Let’s look at how SHW (the ticker symbol for Sherwin) has done compared to the overall market…

This chart goes back to 2011…SHW is up over a 1000% as compared to the SPY (a good gauge of the overall market).

Sherwin Williams has qualities that I look for when choosing to buy and hold for the long-term…

Here are the qualities I look for..

  • Large barrier to entry (It would be incredibly difficult to start a company that makes and sells paint. Contrast this to starting a retail clothing shop or perhaps a restaurant..those would be much easier to start. A large barrier to entry protects SHW from having a ton of competition.

  • Sells a product or service that people want or need (sometimes you want the color of your bedroom to be changed and sometimes you NEED the exterior of your house painted…gives SHW some recession resilience).

  • Is a dominant company (SHW is a dominant large cap company and will be very hard to dethrone. They own Valspar which is in Lowes and they also own Purdy which make some of the best painting equipment out there).

I don’t believe in owning unproven companies that may or may not make it in the real world. I like to own dominant companies that sell a product or service that people want or need.

As long as the population is growing globally, more dollars will be chasing Sherwin Williams product. In other words, Sherwin will grow simply by virtue of population growth.

Simple thesis right? That’s how I invest. It’s big picture and it works.

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About the Author

Brandon Bitar graduated from Geneva College in 2005 and enrolled in medical school in 2008.  He left medical school in 2010 to pursue his passion, which is investing.  He is a successful stock market and real estate investor.  

In 2020, during the shutdowns, Brandon began developing online stock market investing courses. One year later Streetwise Investing was born.  With the encouragement of students that went through his courses, he decided to launch the Streetwise Investing podcast and begin blogging.  He is excited to share his knowledge about investing with the world.


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Easy to understand and compelled me to take action
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Patricia W.
This has to be the best options course available!!!
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Aaron S.
Great place to start!
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Not only is it a great place to start, but with only the information in this course you would have enough knowledge to take control of your portfolio and build wealth over a lifetime. Brandon takes a simple, common sense approach to investing your money and making it grow with minimal confusion. Anyone can understand the material he presents and would be silly not to take his advice. He has more advanced material for those who wish to be more active in the market, but it’s not necessary to build steady, passive income for the rest of your life. Great course!
David D.
Fantastic course for a novice investor!
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Coming into this course completely uneducated on investments and company evaluations, I am leaving with a great understanding of the market. More so I am leaving with the confidence that I can invest myself, and the potential outcome of not investing at all. I will be back for the Options course. Thanks Brandon! Great Course!