#2 Rule Investors Must Follow In Order To Become Wealthy In The Stock Market.

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Most people opt to have their hard-earned money managed by someone else.  This typically cost 1.25% to 1.6% of their overall portfolio (including cash) per year.  They choose this route for many reasons but ultimately they believe a financial professional will do better investing the money than they would do themselves.

The unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of financial advisors do not beat a low-cost total market index fund or a low-cost ETF such as the SPY.

Please refer to earlier blog post to understand why this is the case

Let’s assume though that everyone has good financial advisors that invest their clients in great companies individually (most do not do this) or they invest their clients in low-cost funds.

What do those fees really add up to???

The S&P500 has returned 9.7% on average since 1965 (this includes dividends being reinvested).

Let’s say you are with your advisor for 25 years.  Let’s imagine you have a total of 150,000 invested for 25 years that a gets a 9.7 percent compounded annual return.

If your advisor failed to deducted the yearly 1.5% fee then you would have about 1.5 million dollars at the end of 25 years.
Unfortunately, you have been paying a yearly 1.5% fee to your advisor and your portfolio is worth a little over one million…

You just paid $442,000.00 dollars in fees!

I argue this could make the difference between having enough money to live on through your retirement years or running out of money.

If you want to give yourself the greatest chance of becoming wealthy in the stock market then you must avoid fees.

The only way to avoid fees is to manage your own money.

The reality is that managing your own money is so incredibly easy.

It entails buying some of the best companies of the world individually, or through low-cost ETFs and then go living your life and doing absolutely nothing.

I cringe when I talk to a friend or acquaintance that tells me their money is being managed by an advisor. I know that they could retire with hundreds of thousands dollars more if they would just take action and do it themselves.

I could not be more passionate about this topic.

If you are feeling rather frisky then give this article a share!!! People need to know how much they are paying in fees.

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About the Author

Brandon Bitar graduated from Geneva College in 2005 and enrolled in medical school in 2008.  He left medical school in 2010 to pursue his passion, which is investing.  He is a successful stock market and real estate investor.  

In 2020, during the shutdowns, Brandon began developing online stock market investing courses. One year later Streetwise Investing was born.  With the encouragement of students that went through his courses, he decided to launch the Streetwise Investing podcast and begin blogging.  He is excited to share his knowledge about investing with the world.


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