Up 22% This Week on FB call option…

Facebook, now called Meta Platforms, dipped hard on the news that a whistle blower is coming out with damning information about the company.

Let’s look at the dip…

I bought a call option for $4186 when FB was trading around 325 per share. I chose a 300 strike price and a 2/18/2022 expiration. I now control 100 shares of FB (currently valued at $34,100) for a little less than $4200. I personally love the call option (if you don’t understand options then do yourself a favor and take my options course).

Here is my thought process…

Facebook has billions in cash and I believe social media is not going anywhere (this doesn’t mean the share price can’t go much lower).

Am I a super big fan of social media????….not at all. Do I care about my financial well-being??..absolutely. Hence I am long FB.

I expect FB stock to get back to the 360s in a few weeks. If it doesn’t then no big deal. I will hold to till expiration and perhaps lose my entire $4186.

If the stock gets to 360s I will sell the option and pocket an incredibly nice gain. Mind you I also own shares of Facebook for the long-term.

If FBs share price dives lower I will most likely buy some shares and buy another options contract (either way I plan on winning in some form or fashion on the FB dip..even if it goes lower).

I will keep you updated on this trade.

It’s up about 23% thus far….

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This course is currently marked down from $500 to $299 for the month of November!

Take action and become empowered…


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Samuel N.
Easy to understand and compelled me to take action
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I have read many books on the stock market and even spent a lot of money on subscriptions that overpromised and under delivered. This course teaches real investing. Investing that can make one a millionaire. This is the best course I have come across on stock market investing. I highly recommend!
Patricia W.
This has to be the best options course available!!!
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I had know clue what options could do! Brandon takes a complex topic and makes it so simple to understand. He walks you through a ton of examples and outlines various strategies throughout the course. I look forward to using these instruments regularly as I navigate the markets. This is a must own course.
Aaron S.
Great place to start!
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Not only is it a great place to start, but with only the information in this course you would have enough knowledge to take control of your portfolio and build wealth over a lifetime. Brandon takes a simple, common sense approach to investing your money and making it grow with minimal confusion. Anyone can understand the material he presents and would be silly not to take his advice. He has more advanced material for those who wish to be more active in the market, but it’s not necessary to build steady, passive income for the rest of your life. Great course!
David D.
Fantastic course for a novice investor!
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Coming into this course completely uneducated on investments and company evaluations, I am leaving with a great understanding of the market. More so I am leaving with the confidence that I can invest myself, and the potential outcome of not investing at all. I will be back for the Options course. Thanks Brandon! Great Course!