Are Financial Advisors Worth It?

Many people choose to let a financial advisor manage their money because they ultimately believe the advisor will do better investing the money than they would do themselves. I certainly understand this line of reasoning as I had an advisor managing my money in the early 2000s. However, what if people just invested in a […]

It’s the obvious companies that will make you rich.

Most people want more money yet most people are not investing in the stock market.  Many of them claim they don’t know what to invest in. I always tell people that they already know some of the best companies of the world to own.  They are consumers of these dominant, branded companies. Visa and Mastercard […]

“The Psychology of Money” echoes my own personal conclusions on becoming wealthy…

In my opinion, reasonable behavior is the largest factor in becoming wealthy.  Many people tend to think, in order to become wealthy, you must have incredible intelligence and superior skill sets.  Many also believe that luck plays a huge role in wealth generation.  This is not true.  In order to become wealthy you must invest in a reasonable manner […]