# 1 Inflation Protecting Move

I have been saying inflation is coming and that is what governments want. Well…it’s here. Here is what investors must do… HEDGE. I am still long my favorite companies and ETFs but I am mitigating risk to the downside using options. I believe it’s an absolute must. We have more problems in this country then […]

Do This One Thing And You Will Leave Your Financial Advisor

Let’s cut to the chase of this ‘one thing’ you need to do and then I’ll explain the rational and why you will be compelled to leave your advisor. Compare all of the holdings (large cap funds to mid cap funds) your advisor has you in, to the SPY. Unfortunately, you are about to find […]

A Must-Do To Increase Your 401k By Thousands

If you are like most people then you picked a fund for your 401k and have no idea what that fund really represents OR how much that fund is charging you in embedded fees. Unfortunately, you most likely chose a terrible fund and will end up with thousands upon thousands dollars less because of it. […]

Potential 100% Upside In a Matter of Weeks…

Visa, Mastercard and Paypal have all experienced nice pullbacks. I own all of these companies currently but I like to get “overweight” great companies on nice pullbacks (with call options in order to mitigate risk). Let’s look at the dips… The above 6 month chart shows the dips of these companies versus the SPY (if […]

Up 22% This Week on FB call option…

Facebook, now called Meta Platforms, dipped hard on the news that a whistle blower is coming out with damning information about the company. Let’s look at the dip… I bought a call option for $4186 when FB was trading around 325 per share. I chose a 300 strike price and a 2/18/2022 expiration. I now […]

Abbott Laboratories (A No-Brainer Stock?)

I’ve made a small fortune owning Abbott and it will only become larger over the next 20 years. I always think very big picture… Globally we have an aging population. Also, we have global population growth. This means that more human beings will need the services of companies like Abbott Laboratories. Therefore, the healthcare sector […]

#2 Rule Investors Must Follow In Order To Become Wealthy In The Stock Market.

Most people opt to have their hard-earned money managed by someone else.  This typically cost 1.25% to 1.6% of their overall portfolio (including cash) per year.  They choose this route for many reasons but ultimately they believe a financial professional will do better investing the money than they would do themselves. The unfortunate reality is […]

The Best Fund To Hold During Uncertain Times.

I have spent far too much time trying to figure out how to protect my family’s wealth from a market correction.  I have obviously not spent much time learning how to be a good writer. I’ve listened to countless hours of pundits discussing asset allocation (I consider myself cool so this really hurts my self-image).  […]